Numerical Methods (NUMEDIG)

This is the webpage of NUMEDIG, a discussion group based at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. The purpose of this page is to coordinate the meetings, seminars, discussions, etc. concerning numerical methods in applied economics.

If you have any ideas on topics or want to give a talk, please write me at thomas.h.jorgensen [at]


Meetings to come:


Previous meetings:

24. March, 2015, 12pm, 2. floor: Maps of Denmark and interactive visualizations from R, by Sebastian Barfort

2. March, 2015: Linux servers for high-performance computing: An introduction, by Rémi Piatek (slides)

7. February, 2015: Solving DSGE Models with Occasionally Binding Constraints, by Søren Hove Ravn

17. December, 2014: An introduction to Julia for economists (and some thoughts about contributing to an open source project), by Andreas Noack Jensen (MIT)

4. September, 2014: Using Python for Analysis and Solving Models, by Ib Hansen (Danmarks Nationalbank)

16. June, 2014: Programming in Python, by Jeppe Druedahl (code)

11. June, 2014 Assesing welfare effects of active labor market policies, by Jonas Maibom Pedersen (Aarhus University)

24. April, 2014: Making social science sausages (or why you should avoid the pain of writing in LaTeX!), by Sebastian Barfort (slidescode)

24. March, 2014: Numerical differentiation for numerical optimization, by Anders Munk-Nielsen (code)

30. January, 2014: Game Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Economists, by Julian Togelius (Center for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen) (slides)

20. December, 2013:  Programming Techniques: A broad Discussion of Experiences, by Jeppe Druedahl, Anders Munk-Nielsen, Hans Henrik Sievertsen, Thomas Jørgensen (code)

7. November, 2013: Non-parametric estimation of heterogeneous preferences for leisure, by Peter Stephensen (DREAM) (slides)

25. October, 2013: C/Fortran Interface to R and Bayesian Econometrics, by Rémi Piatek (code)

23. September, 2013: Numerical Precision and Efficient Matrix Programming, by Andreas Noack Jensen (slides)

16. September, 2013: Introduction to R programming, by Sebastian Barfort. (code, slides – both via

21. August, 2013: Optimal timber harvesting and the “cyclic inversion algorithm,” by John Rust (Georgetown University)

23. May, 2013: The Bootstrap: STATA and Matlab implementations, by Emil Nejstgaard and Simon Boserup. (code)

31. January, 2013: Producing (nice!) LaTeX tables in STATA, by Anna Folke Larsen. (code)

15. January, 2013: Multi-Dimensional Numerical Integration, by Thomas Jørgensen. (code)

17. December, 2012: The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing, by Andreas Noack Jensen. (code)

10. December, 2012: Object Oriented Programming in Matlab, by Emil Nejstgaard. (code)

3. December, 2012: Implementing Gnu Scientific Library (GSL) in C/mex functions, by Damoun Ashournia. (code)

1. November, 2012: Version Control with GIT, by Andreas Noack Jensen.

8. October, 2012: C/C++ in Matlab (mex-functions), parallization in C using OpenMP, and numerical precision, by Thomas Jørgensen. (code)

27. September, 2012: Parallization and Embedded C in Matlab, by Simon Boserup. (code)